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If an event is important enough to photograph, odds are it is important enough to do it right. Important and romantic occasions can only be photographed once, so you want to be sure the photography is as good as it can be.

At Banerjee Studios we strongly believe in our work, and we strive to exceed your expectations. Banerjee Studios has a fixture in Wolverhampton since just after the end of World War II. Opened originally in 1949, Banerjee Studios was taken over the Banerjee's apprentice, Mr. Ram Dayal in 1981. While Mr. Dayal has since past on, his family continues to run the business to this day in his memory. His son Rajesh began at Banerjee Studios in 1995 and has focused heavily on the multimedia aspects of the photography business. Mr. Dayal's wife Sindu remains a fixture at Banerjee Studio carrying on her husbandís legacy and continuing to strive to make every customer a happy and satisfied one. Her positive attitude and hard working spirit makes its way into every aspect of Banerjee Studios.

No matter what your Wolverhampton photography needs are, Banerjee Studios can help you. Our years of experience photographing and filming weddings, birthdays, engagements, christenings, graduations and all sorts of other important events are guaranteed to serve you well. No matter what photography, video, framing or printing needs you may have, Banerjee Studios is experienced and ready to do the job!